Accessories & Extras




Like all Garden Master products, this workbench is solidly built. Sturdy bracing and a pegboard for your tools make this a versatile and robust addition to your workspace. (Pegs for board available from any merchant).

1200mm wide x 600mm deep x 1500mm high.


Locking T-Handle

Keep your shed contents secure with a strong and durable T-handle. Easy to use, even with gloves on, it’ll keep intruders – and young kids – out of your precious shed.


Cabin Hook

This solid, cast hook and eye will keep your doors open and stop them banging about in the wind.


Tool Rack

With two racks and six repositionable hooks, they are ideal for hanging your garden tools. Made from the same high-tensile steel as your shed, they’re built to last.

Base = 700mm wide x 12mm deep x 33mm high.

Prongs = 90mm wide x 71mm deep x 14mm high.


GM Securi-door

Double the security with an additional door brace and Locking T-Handle.



Bright and economical, this handy LED light is movement-activated and is rechargeable with the USB cable supplied.


Tool Hooks (x4)

Set of four large hooks that hang from the top of the wall panels. Repositionable and robust, they’re ideal for keeping weed-eaters and hedge trimmers out of harm’s way.



Three shelves (1200mm long) and two brackets. Hanging from the top of a wall panels and secured with two brackets below these shelves are invaluable for maximising your floor space and keeping your shed tidy.


Shed Corner

Increase the strength and safety of your shed – especially useful if you keep bashing the corner of your shed with your lawnmower!


Skylite Roof Sheet

Lightweight, durable and resilient, a polycarbonate roof sheet will let light flood into your shed, while keeping the rain firmly outside.


Flat floor clamp
For existing flat concreted areas using concrete screws. (1 Pack = 8 clamps and 8 concrete screws).

Recessed floor clamps
For specially poured concrete floors.  We recommend the recessed concrete floor system as it provides greater protection from wind lift and moisture entering under your shed. (1 Pack = 8 clamps and 8 concrete screws).