25 year warranty terms and conditions

25 year warranty terms and conditions


Thank you for purchasing a Garden Master shed. As you would be aware we offer you a 25 warranty with your Garden Master shed. The warranty is very simple, “If any part or component of your shed fails, we will send you a new part or component”. Your Garden Master shed will require very little maintenance unless it is situated near the sea/ocean or any other harsh environments. E.g. sulphur, etc… If your Garden Master shed is situated near the sea or harsh environments we suggest you wash the shed regularly (every 3 months or less) to prolong the life of your shed. However the warranty that we offer will be overridden by the warranty/guarantee offered by the original manufacturer of the steel.


The conditions listed below apply and are applicable to the 25 year warranty:

(a) the warranty shall not cover any defect or damage which may be caused or partly caused by or arise through: (i) failure on the part of the Customer to properly maintain any Goods; or

(ii) failure on the part of the Customer to follow any instructions or guidelines provided by the Supplier; or

(iii) any use of any Goods otherwise than for any application specified on a quote or order form; or

(iv) the continued use of any Goods after any defect becomes apparent or would have become apparent to a reasonably prudent operator or user; or

(v) the storage or use of caustic materials (including but not limited to acids, fertilisers or hazardous chemicals. Be careful when fertilising nearby lawns or gardens); or

(vi) Fair wear and tear, any accident or act of God. (Including weather). Please make sure your shed is listed with your insurance provider.

(b) The warranty shall cease and the Supplier shall thereafter in no circumstances be liable under the terms of the warranty if the workmanship is repaired, altered or overhauled without the Supplier’s consent.

(c) in respect of all claims the Supplier shall not be liable to compensate the Customer for any delay in either replacing or remedying the workmanship or in properly assessing the Customer’s claim.

(d) Your shed must be raised above ground level (of natural earth substrate) by at least 70mm.


For Goods not manufactured by the Supplier, the warranty shall be the current warranty provided by the manufacturer of the Goods. The Supplier shall not be bound by nor be responsible for any term, condition, representation or warranty other than that which is given by the manufacturer of the Goods. Where the Supplier is required to perform labour associated with the replacement or repair of defective Goods under manufacturer’s warranty, the labour performed shall be charged at the Supplier’s hourly rate.

We wish you many years of trouble free storage of your valuable assets and we would be only too happy to assist with any questions you may have. Email to info@sticky-noon.flywheelstaging.com.

This Warranty is eligible for 5 years extension if it can be proven that the shed has been assembled by one of our approved installers. The Installer must be approved prior to the assembly of the shed and Proof of purchase will be required

The team at Storetech Industries Ltd, suppliers of Garden Master sheds.

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