Assembly Video Tutorials

Garden Master Sheds

Assembly Couldn’t Be Easier

Please view our comprehensive instructional video library for help with assembling your Garden Shed.

1. Garden Shed Assembly – Quick Video

2. Quick Tips

3. Tools and Parts

4. Door Assembly

5. Hanging the Door

6. Door Brace Assembly

7. Front Wall

8. Back Wall

9. Flat and Sloping Roof

10. Gable Roof

11. Gable End Walls

12. Flat or Sloping End Walls

13. Door in Gable End Wall

14. Shed Assembly – Flat or Sloping Roof

15. Shed Assembly – Gable Roof

16. Floors

17. Window Assembly

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Garden Master
25 Year Warranty

When you purchase any new Garden Master Shed it comes with a 25 year warranty. The warranty is very simple, “If any part or component of your shed fails, we will send you a new part or component”.

Warranty Information