Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a boxed shed?

The boxed shed is delivered in smaller pieces to make handling and transporting easier and more economical. Your shed will come broken down in one cardboard box and in most cases a longer plastic wrapped channel pack. The door is pre-assembled and pre-hinged, meaning they are still easy to assemble. Comes complete with screws, rivets and a drill bit. Floor sold separately.

2. How long will it take to assemble?

The time required will vary based on your previous experience. Generally, assembling a boxed shed takes around half to a full day, but for larger sheds, you should allocate additional time. Once you’ve assembled the shed into 5 or 6 panels, most of the work is completed, and you’ll likely need about 1.5 – 2 hours to finish the process and have your new asset ready.

3. Can I have the door positioned wherever I like?

Yes, you can choose to position the door wherever you like with our shed builder.

4. What flooring is best for my shed?

All garden sheds should have some type of floor. Timber floor makes your shed more removable or transportable, but we would highly recommend a concrete floor for windy sites.

5. How long do I have to wait for my shed?

We dispatch within 5 working days for standard alu-zinc sheds and 10 working days for customised or coloured sheds.

6. Can I have a sliding door?

Yes absolutely! The standard door in the pricing is for a hinged door, the sliding door is an upgrade. A sliding door is a great option for tight spaces or a higher security requirement.

7. How big is the door opening?

A standard single door is 755mm, or a double is 1550mm – custom door sizes are also available.

8. Will my shed have a timber frame?

Garden Master sheds have a steel frame, which forms a tension membrane once assembled correctly. As our sheds have a deep ribbed profile this eliminates the need for any extra framing. A timber frame can easily be fitted, but at this time we do not offer that option.

9. How do I fit shelves or hang tools then?

You are able to purchase additional shelf brackets, shelving and tool racks.

10. How do I get more light in my shed?

You are able to choose from any of our window or skylight options by using our shed builder. We also sell a solar panel shed light here>>> Shed Accessories 

11. Can I make my shed more secure?

Yes. All doors come fully braced and for added security we offer the GM Securi-door (a double padlock door) and locking t-handle.

12. What tools will I need?

You will need a battery drill, screwdriver or riveter, tape measure and a ladder. In most cases a helping hand, along with the safety gear and eye protection while drilling.

We also recommend hand and foot protection. Do not install in wet or windy conditions.

13. Do you offer an assembly service?

We do have approved assembly providers throughout NZ. Please check out for your nearest provider.

14. Will the package fit in my car?

A boxed shed will fit in a van or large wagon.

15. I’m over 6 feet and I whack my head!

The extra wall height can be added – sheds can be factory-cut to any height within 50mm increments.

16. Will my shed come with a hold down kit?

If you order a timber floor you will not need these. They are for concrete floors only, so they are not included in your kit. We recommend pegging your wooden floor. Click here to find the appropriate option for your concrete floor – whether you have an existing concreted area, or are concreting specifically for your Garden Master shed.

17. Can I have any size in any color?

Yes. Any size can be ordered in any of our 16 NZ colors. You can also tell us which part of your shed you want in which color in our shed builder.

18. Will my shed require any maintenance?

Our sheds are generally maintenance free, however if you are near the coast we suggest you wash your shed more often than your car. This is particularly important under the roof overhang where the rain does not reach.

19. Do I need a building consent?

If you are concerned, check with your local council, but in NZ you are not required to have a building consent for any building under 10 m2.

20. Can I peg my shed to the ground?

Yes you can, but we still recommend that every shed has a floor, so high wind areas where your shed is on a wooden floor we would recommend that you peg you floor to the ground.

21. Why are colour sheds more expensive?

Colour sheds are constructed from a heavier gauge steel, as well as providing extra protection on top of the alu-zinc base steel.

22. What’s the difference between Alu-zinc and Colour?

Alu-zinc is iron coated with zinc and aluminium to protect the iron from rusting. The colour is applied over a series of primer coats on top of the Alu-zinc, giving added protection. We recommend the colour option for coastal areas.